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Jim O'Brien's User Interface Design Experience


Jim O'Brien, Certified Usability Analyst, 2005-558, Human Factors International Seal

With over 20 years of design experience, Jim O'Brien has worked on a wide assortment of projects ranging from brochure-ware web sites to complex, commercial applications (some of which have won industry awards). Not only has Jim been responsible for the user interface design deliverables (task/user flows, wireframes, design specs, etc.) for these various projects, he has also established design processes, created interface guidelines, and worked to build collaborative environments. Jim has a successful history of designing, training, and consulting in both the public and private sectors; and he is a Certified Usability Analyst. He prides himself on creating thoughtful solutions.

CUA of the Month, August, 2008 - Human Factors International (HFI)

Jim O'Brien, Certified Usability Analyst of the Month, August 2008, Human Factors International

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Projects Designed For

Jim designed for such entities as: A.D.A.M. Medical Illustrated Encyclopedia, Autodesk, AutoTrader.com, GeorgiaGov, IHG, Insight Global, Kudzu.com, The Sport Shoe, and many others.

Environments Designed Within

As an interaction designer, Jim is responsible for the user experience blueprints. He is NOT a developer/coder/programmer.